Councilwoman Viagran
From District 3. For District 3.
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I have spent a lot of time knocking on doors and on the phone with you, the residents of District 3, over the past few months, talking about the issues that are important to you. You want to know how we are going to continue revitalizing neighborhoods and bringing jobs to the South and Southeast side. You want to know the plan for bringing infrastructure like streets and sidewalks to the district and what we are doing to keep our children safe on their walk to school. You want to know what we are doing to make District 3 an even better place to live.

I’m the kind of person who focuses on the issues and works to bring people together. I’ve noticed that other candidates are trying to divide us by spreading lies and with dirty campaigning. With so many issues to discuss and so much work to be done, you deserve someone who will work for you and treat you with the respect you deserve.

Over the past week or two, I’ve heard a lot of concern about a lie being spread. A flyer from one of my opponents says that $9 million has been taken away from streets and sidewalks and given to the Witte Museum. It is a lie that counts on you to not have the facts. In reality, not one dollar from the city’s general fund has been spent on the Witte, and we have over $100 million in infrastructure projects underway or scheduled in District 3.

You have an important decision to make regarding the direction we take as a community. As you think about who to support in the election, think about what kind of person you want working for you at City Hall. Do you want someone who will try to mislead you with stories that are not supported by facts? Do you want someone who is disrespecting all of District 3 by spreading lies? Do you want someone who is counting on you to not know the truth?
You deserve better. You deserve the facts.

I’m the kind of person who focuses on the issues and brings people together. That’s why I have the support of all of the current and former elected officials and all but one of the organizations that are involved in this election.

I am from District 3 and have been here my entire life. Generations of my family have lived and worked here over 200 years. I know the issues facing us and I respect everyone in the community. I have spent the past two years fighting for every dollar that I can bring back to us so that we can get the resources and investment we’ve needed for far too long. I’m asking for your support so I can continue working for you.